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Happy 8th birthday to us! See what fun was in store in our very first virtual anniversary!

It’s that time of the year again! The time for us to celebrate the anniversary of our company with our 8th Anniversary Town Hall! Let’s give a big hand to all of us for reaching the prime age of 8, a feat that we worked so hard on. This time, however, we went a little different with the activity.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still around the corner, we changed the concept of the event into a virtual live-streaming activity. Curious to know how that was like? Let’s see what fun was in store in our 8th Anniversary!

Opening Act

We started our 8th Anniversary Town Hall in the early morning with our fun and exciting hosts Farah Rania Wiraatmadja (External Communications. Jr. Specialist) and Hana Ramadhanti (Product Management Manager, Acting) who brightened up the spirit of the audience.

Our Hosts, Farah & Hana

We followed the opening act with a special performance from our very own musician duo Raja Luth Hasan (UI/UX Asst. Manager, Acting) and Cepi Valentino (IT Core System Asst. Manager). As always, this duo helps to bring a fresh air of comfort with their singing.

Raja Luth Hasan

Cepi Valentino

CEO Speech

A Town Hall wouldn’t be complete without some very important words from our CEO, Animesh Narang. In this session, Animesh not only updated everyone about our company performance, successes, and progress from 2020 as well as upcoming initiatives for 2021. He also gave the chance for employees to openly ask him questions in the chat room. It was a refreshing opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts about the company so far.

Our CEO, Animesh Narang

Fun Talk

To add to the variety of activities, our Town Hall also had a special and very enlightening Fun Talk session from our speakers Simran Soni (Chief of Excellence), Sorin Stanciu (Head of CRM), and Randy Pragustio (Head of Payments & VAS). Our 3 speakers talked a lot about the products we launched in 2020, including UDJ, Paylater, and others.

Our Fun Talk Speakers: Simran, Randy, and Sorin

Regional Employee Performance

Let’s not forget about our friends in the Regions. We had each region make a special employee performance video to celebrate our company’s 8th Anniversary. The result? Each region made their own creative, funny, and unexpectedly very awesome celebration videos. Their creativity knows no bounds. Thank you, Region friends!

Video from Region

ExCo Performance

Here comes one of the event’s biggest surprises. It’s not often we get the chance to see our ExCo make a silly and fun music video, and they did! Employees were greeted to a really funny video of our ExCo in compilation singing and dancing to a ‘Koplo’ tune of ‘Happy Birthday’. What a barrel of laughs and great spirit from our awesome ExCo!

Music Performance from ExCo

Doorprizes and Lucky Draw

What’s an Anniversary event without prizes, right? And in this 8th Anniversary Town Hall, we wasted no moment to hold a Doorprize and Lucky Draw session with a digital Wheel of Fortune! That’ right. We spin a wheel of fortune where random, lucky names got to win special vouchers and HC Pay balance. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

Closing Act – Winner Announcements

Finally, we ended our 8th Anniversary Town Hall with an announcement for the following winners of:

  • Employee Feedback Platform
  • Above & Beyond Call of Duty
  • Regional Employee Performance (Congrats to Region 3, 5, and 6)

And, to end it in a proper note, a closing speech from our CEO, Animesh. With that, we finally finished our very first virtual Anniversary Town Hall. What a great day! Thank you for everyone who helped out in making this event and for all of you who joined!

What did you think about the 8th Anniversary Town Hall? We hope you all enjoy it!

All the best for our company ahead and see you again on our next Anniversary event!


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