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Happy anniversary! We’ve reached our 9th year. Read our celebration story here!

Wow! Can you believe it? Our company has finally reached its 9th year of business and we are still going strong. And for this year, we want to celebrate it with a little more of happiness to it.

Using the theme called BTS (Bahagia Tahun Sembilan), we want to show the values of happiness from our employees in working at the company. And like our anniversaries in the past, it’s only right for us to make an event. Of course, this time, with Covid-19 still around we made it hybrid.

The 9th Anniversary Town Hall

On February 4th, 2022, exactly at the day of our anniversary, we held our hybrid Town Hall with an online event. We had our two MCs, Farah Wiraatmadja (External Communication Specialist) & Rachma Chairani (Media, Comm & Engagement Asst. Manager) and joining them were our speakers, Wendy Sidharta (Agile Coach Lead), with our CEO, Animesh Narang, to talk about our business updates and Agile Evolution.

This wasn’t just a regular Town Hall. To kick it up a notch and make everyone happy, we held some Menti quizzes and a Lucky Draw session right after our speakers’ sessions. And what’s a quiz without big prizes for our employees? All in all, with the insightful business and Agile updates from our speakers, as well as the games and prize sessions, the Town Hall was met with lots of enthusiasm from our participants.

Most Valuable Customers

Pre-Town Hall, we also gave special gifts to 3 of our most valuable customers. These 3 are our customers who have been loyal to us throughout the years of using our services. We went to their residences and gave each of them a special prize which includes; a new Smart TV, Showcase Chiller, and Electric Bicycle.

Free Juice Activity

After Town Hall, there was another activity we did for our Bahagia Tahun Sembilan theme. To continue our 9th Anniversary spirit, we had a special treat for our hardworking employees who still have to come to the office regularly. This was our way to increase the wellbeing of our employees at work as our special thanks to them.

Potluck Challenge Competition

To top it all off, we held an online Potluck Challenge competition on Instagram and TikTok. The objective was for our employees to post their best potluck activities either by photo or video, creatively of course.

The winners of this Potluck Challenge will get big prizes and it’s still running from February 4th – 25th, 2022. So, if you’re our employee reading this, join our Potluck Challenge now and you can get the chance to win huge amounts of shopping vouchers or Home Credit Pay!

That wraps up our 9th Anniversary celebration this year. We hope this event adds an extra layer of happiness for all our employees! See you on our 10th Anniversary!


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