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The greatest team starts from yourselves! Learn more what that means here!

When we’re reflecting in the middle of work, we may ask ourselves if we have given a valuable contribution to the company. You may ask: has my team given enough worthy achievements? Or maybe, am I worth to be part of a team? And how can I be part of a “Great Team”?

This time, DNA Power UP! takes on the theme of You, Makes a Great Team! We invited two special guests, Leo Tiofan Justicia (Digital Banking Solution Developer – Tech Lead in Jenius) and Pratama Agus Nugroho (Digital Growth Marketing Manager). They shared their experience on the challenges they faced and what a “Great Team” means for them. Let’s hear their stories!

Leo’s Story : Constructing Ideas

Leo Tiofan Justicia (Leo) is the Technical Lead in one of Jenius’ teams. He contributes and is responsible in developing and ensuring that the products used by customers goes well. As the Lead in his team, Leo often faces situations where a product in development becomes a company priority and needs to be finished within a tight timeframe. A big challenge that he felt in that condition is to synergize the opinions of various teams, even more there are limitations of the amount of people who can finish it.

To handle this, Leo gathers with his team and does a Design Matrix to arrange effective steps. Each team members then contributed to giving ideas in choosing the best decisions for the developed products.

Tama’ Story : Communicating Vision

Pratama Agus Nugroho (Tama) is one of the team members of Digital Marketing who acts as Product Owner – Website and a member of the stream Retention – Digital CRM.

Tama has faced challenges ever since he started in our company. Having a background in non-technical experience (Digital Marketing), he was trusted to join the Website team that adapts to the Scrum work method.

Not long after he joined the team, Tama who had minimal experience in developing products was tasked as the Product Owner. Despite being faced with high expectations from management to build a good product, he realized that a Product Owner’s role is to communicate a vision such as “Why do we do this? Why does this product must exist?” so that the team feels that their contribution valued and in-line with the company’s targets.

Q&A Session:

How do you “click” with your team? Because as a leader, there are cases of complaints that were headed personally to the individual instead of professionally.

Leo: There’s no exact formula to “click” with the team. But one thing to try is to be open and adjust with your team members. In terms of personal/professional, I agree it that it heads more to a personal level. We’re not working like robots. We should be emotionally connected with our team while setting boundaries.

Tama: I agree with Leo. There’s no exact answer. Based on experience, we can start to get closer to our team by talking personally with each of them. For example, asking about their hobbies to get to know their character, and slowly discussing about their work vision. It’s no problem to start conversations outside of work hours about topics outside of work. This can make them comfortable to work together and be an effective team.

Talking about “Sense of Ownership”. What do you do to apply this in your team?

Tama: We can start with ourselves. We have to show that we believe this product gives value and benefit for customers and spread that to our team. My experience in the website team was that we saw a competitor’s product, and that raised our curiosity and we were moved to explore and create better ideas.

So, we can try to challenge our team with relevant questions without only giving commands during work. Slowly the “sense of ownership” will show up in themselves. We should start to challenge the team in a good way.

Leo: To add the “sense of ownership” to team members, one of the important points is to involve them since the initiation of a task. When a team member is involved starting from the product development, they will be more exposed with the visions and values that it wants to reach.

What is the definition of a “Great Team” according to you?

Leo: A group of people that moves and work together in unity, having the same goals, and all of them have an effort to be better than before.

Tama: A combination between strong leadership, communication between team, and access to good resources to make a productive collaboration. A team can’t be built from one element.

For those of you who can’t join, let’s watch the webinars here.

See you on the next DNA Power-UP session!


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