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Check out how our speakers keep up with changes!

Working in a fast growing and dynamic company makes it quite difficult to keep up with all the projects that are going on. We need to be adaptive and ever growing so we can keep our projects in line with the growth and changes. On this chapter of TechTalk, we covered the Evolving Role of Product Management. This time, we invited our three amazing speakers Sr. Product Manager from Bukalapak, Oscar Pascaruniawan, our IT Developer, Ester Melati, and our IT Development Manager, Boy Gorby to break their fast together with TechTalk!

We started our event with a session by Oscar. He talked about product managers and how their role evolved in line with the growth of the company and business. He touched on what he used in his journey as a product manager. He also shared about the key take aways of what he experienced.

“If a product manager only focuses on external matters, the internal team will suffer and if a product manager only focuses on internal matters, the company will lose market fit and needs.” said Oscar.

Delving deeper, we continued our event with a session by Boy and Ester. They spoke about building self organized team using modular approach. Starting their session by telling their journey as the mobile app team in Home Credit Indonesia, they continued talking about modular and self-organized team. For them, modular is not a rule.If you have so many developers to work in the same codebase, go for it and pick the right architecture. Modularization helps the team to be independent and self-organized.

Listening to new knowledge while breaking your fast was a very wholesome experience. We would like to thank our amazing speakers for their inspiring session on our 9th chapter of TechTalk and to all the participants who attended.

Let’s look forward to the next chapter of TechTalk in July!