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It’s our first global hackathon event! Check out the story here!

Have you heard a global event for all company branches around the world? Especially an event where employees were challenged to come up with new initiatives and rewarded with huge prizes? Well, we had the No Glitch Hackathon event! Sounds new to your ears, doesn’t it? Let’s get right to the story about it!

The No Glitch Hackathon is the Home Credit very first global project ideation event, an initiative set by our HQ company. It is about challenging employees to propose new frameworks/prototype/processes that could eliminate glitches in our work process, or in another word, leverage our financial services with a zero-glitch environment.

The event ran for over a month, starting from the event registration from February 23rd – March 12th. The event tournament itself started from March 26th – March 29th where teams from around the globe present their ideas by online to the juries from HQ.

The event turned out to be a huge anticipation. 32 teams all over Home Credit branches around the globe compete with one another to present their ideas and win the grand prizes. Including our very own Indonesian branch, we had 5 teams who entered the competition. Let’s give it up for:


  • Danny Suryadi Thobi
  • Cindy Harum
  • Dimas Firnando
  • Indra Lesmana
  • Steven Lewi
  • Gea Budiarto
  • Gregory Laksono

Dynamic Fox:

  • Fahmi Maulana
  • Reichan Abdikar


  • Tri Juliansyah Sambas
  • Gunawan Gaol
  • Haries Ramdhani
  • Marcello Susanto
  • Anggraeni Ramadaniar


  • Wisnu Putra
  • Dony Satria
  • Panjiyudha Kristanto
  • Azwan Zamzami


  • Purwo Panggalih G.P.M
  • Fariz Caisar Harum
  • Johandi Manik
  • Saputra Arifian Nurrahman

It’s not just the juries from HQ who gets to decide the winners. There was also a People’s Choice Awards where internal employees can vote for their favourite team from any branch through MS Forms.

So, who are the Winners?

On April 1st, HQ announced the top 3 winners. A big congrats to 3 teams from the Philippines, China, and Vietnam branch!

1st Prize goes to: HTTP418 team

2nd Prize goes to: GoldenEye team

3rd Prize goes to: Mamba Team

People’s Choice Award goes to 3 winners:

  • CzechIT team from the Czech Republic
  • Chaos Engineering team from China
  • Alatau team from Kazakhstan

All these teams have proposed great projects that could improve our financial services to be zero-glitch in the future. For their brilliant projects, the winners receive huge prizes from HQ.

Unfortunately, our Indonesian teams have not yet won this event. A big congrats should also be given to them for doing their best. Their projects may not win the hearts of the HQ juries yet, but their ideas and great effort will always be valuable to our company.

Until the next No Glitch Hackathon event! See you there!


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