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Here's a little something about Product Building on our latest Tech Talk!

Great company needs great products. But, building a product isn’t easy, there are more factors that we need to consider. On July 17th, 2019, we gathered to learn more about product building. Joining in with us were speakers from Home Credit Indonesia and Printerous who shared about their experience as product builders and their method in building.

Joining in as internal speakers were our VP Sales Back Office, Konstantin Edunov (Kostya), and our Digital Sales & Comm. Manager, Erik Rumeksa (Erik) who shared about how they built and app for our sales agents. They first saw the business challenges that we were facing and noticed that some of them were caused by the amount of apps our sales agents use and how it effected their work. This gave them the idea to create an all-in app for our sales agents.

With that in mind, they started profiling the users, or in this case, our sales agents. From the profile they acquired, coupled with the business challenges they noticed, they were able to list the needs of our sales agents and with that build comes along the vision, values, as well as the features of the product.

They then told the story of the building process. They started with how Agile helped them, the people that were part of this amazing journey, and the building process of the app. They also showed how the app looked like and how it benefited the business.

Our guest speaker, a VP of Product from the up and coming Printerous, Ivan Ariesthea Supandi, shared how he and his team used Objective Key Results (OKR) as their goal setting framework in building a product. OKR is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals.

What is the formula of OKR?

I will (Objective) as measured by (this set of Key Results)

- John Doerr, Measure what matters

Ivan explained not only the theory of OKR but also examples of how Printerous used it. He mentioned the benefits of using OKR was that it can define clear goals and definition of success. It can also maximize team capacities and capabilities.

For Ivan, OKR has an impactful role in product development. For the planning phase, they help with theme based and value centric roadmap. OKR also helps efficient and focused solution discovery by determining detail solution to problem. Last but not least, by building products through development sprints, they were able to create an Impactful product or feature to launch.

This July Tech Talk was amazing, as we were able to learn from stories about the journey of building a product both for employees and customers. Thank you Kostya, Erik and Ivan for your eye opening session!

Curious on what topic we are going to share next? Keep your eyes peeled for our next TechTalk!


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