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Let’s cruise into Wiwik’s and Epivania’s career story here!

Maybe you have read our previous Kartini Day Log on Simran and Sylvia. Now, we bring you the career stories of Wiwik Wahyuni (HR Director) and Epivania Galag (Chief Legal & Compliance Officer)! Are you curious about how exactly these inspiring women reached their success? Let’s cruise into their career journey!

1. How did you first decide to pursue your career?

Wiwik: My late mother was my biggest inspiration about pursuing career.  Though she came from a prominent family, she felt unfortunate that as a woman she was not given much options. However, she never wanted any of her children to go through similar life experience as her. She worked very hard to be able to have enough money for us to have a better life and to go to school. She always told me that a woman needs to be smart and independent, so we can have better options in life.

Meanwhile, my father inspired me for his strong ethics, discipline, and dedication to his work. He’s a proud man who always stand and never afraid of saying and doing what’s right. He taught me many great values in life, and to always be brave of the unknown world.

After I finished my law school, there were three things that I had in mind – 1) I had to land in the first job soon so I can free up my mother from her burden of supporting me. 2) Next plan, I wanted to work in a multinational company, so that they can continue to support my dream of working and studying abroad. 3) I had to work 2-3 times harder than any of my colleagues to be able to reach my dream.

Epivania: I knew since high school which area I would go for studying in higher education, i.e., law. After entering law school, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. So, after I graduated, I joined a law firm. After working for some time as an external lawyer, I decided to become an in-house lawyer and pursue my legal career as high as the sky.

2. What was the challenges you faced on your journey to success?

Wiwik: I have always been putting most of my energy for work (especially at an early career). I didn’t have much time for personal life. So, I always need to be smart on how can I utilize my free time wisely. And as I wanted to reach my dream (to have the opportunity to work abroad), I continuously needed to up-skill myself – learning new things, expand my network, develop relationships, etc. Then when I felt already more established in my career, I use this principle: work hard, play hard.

Epivania: To go out of my comfort zone. This is the main challenge. For example, I used to handle limited scope of works, then I needed to expand the scope. In that scope expansion, I found new issues to resolve, the ones I never faced before or maybe I did but I tried avoiding it. It felt uncomfortable. However, in order to master it, you really needed to face that uncomfortable situation.

3. What kind of support system do you have on your journey and how did they support you?

Wiwik: Aside from my family, I’ve always had several mentors. I developed strong relationships with them so that they can give me the best advise at my interests. They are mentors who I always admire on whoever they are and what they do, and at the same time they believe strongly in me.

Also, I always have an IDP (Individual Development Plan) kept in my drawer as my career bible and I updated it from time to time. It’s definitely a compass for my career.

Epivania: Family becomes my biggest supporter. Other than that, my colleagues and best friends are very supportive in terms of my career journey.

4. What activities do you do when overwhelmed?

Wiwik: Exercise and a glass of wine.

Epivania: This may change overtime. But currently I love watching TikTok videos and YouTube reaction videos.

5. Give us your message and words of encouragement to those on their own journey to achieve success!


  1. Pursue your dream – do what you love to do.
  2. Work super hard on it like there’s no tomorrow. Be better everyday
  3. Always keep strong values, as these are what keeps you grounded.
  4. Learn from people around you, have mentors, and keep Career Compass.

Epivania:  I have a quote from Theodore Roosevelt: “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

After reading their career stories, are you inspired? Let’s take their examples as a motivation for your own successful career journey!