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Check out the the importance of the intangibles on our 2nd transformACTION Talk!

What does it mean when we say intangible?

Leadership, Relationship, and Influence are some of the examples.

How do those factors influence our success at work?

We kicked off October with Wiwik Wahyuni, our Human Resource Director, with a question “ What is the story that you want to leave behind?” with a key focus on Thinking Big, Entrepreneurship, and People Centricity.

Bu Wiwik started by sharing her experience when she joined Home Credit, she received a complaint from one of the business leaders (users) that he had a severe problem with recruitment and retention, while on the other hand business has to double up in size. He said the HR team was not able to provide any solution other than saying say “No”.

She then encouraged her team to be as close as possible with their users to really understand their needs and identify what works to fulfill that. That simple change in approach, to be focused more on connecting with the users instead of solving problems based on best practices/reference, changed the whole story.

The key learning is that building relationships with your user is the first step to give a meaningful impact. An impact that becomes a great story to be shared in the future. 

In transformACTION Talk, we always discuss the myths and facts with our speaker based on their thoughts and experiences. This is Bu Wiwik’s experience:

  1. Life is about making an impact, not an income  Fact
    Bu Wiwik believes that our life should be useful for others. Are we giving positive impact to others, the environment or at work? We should start by understanding ourselves, what is our strength, what are we passionate about? And then we can use this strength to make an impact. Start small and it’s going to grow bigger. Continue to learn so you can increase your impact. As your passion to do something creates impact, they will always follow you.  

  2. You need to have a position to be able to influence others → Myth
    Bu Wiwik believes that when you have vision and conviction, you can inspire others. But if you are a leader who uses the position (or title) to influence, people will uncomfortably follow because of fear and in the long run, the outcome would not be good.

  3. Chemistry between people is built on similarities → Myth
    Chemistry is temporary and is not only about the spark. What matters the most is a similarity in values. For example in hiring, we should not assess based on chemistry/gut feeling, that’s the reason we need to do a Behavioral Interview.

Relationship is intangible. Therefore to strengthen it, you need intangible effort too, like giving and receiving feedback. Giving or receiving feedback is one of the ways to grow.

However, you might feel uncomfortable when you receive feedback because sometimes you receive negative instead of positive feedback.

The Key is to ask for feedback before you receive one. Ideally, you can ask for feedback anytime, or at least before mid-year and year end review.

If you are leading, ask for feedback from the team about how you lead them in that project. For example, what works well, what should you do more, less, or stop doing? If you ask and receive it regularly, you will not be surprised, and appreciate it more.

Make it a habit. Grow with Feedback.

 See you in the next transformACTION Talk!