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Meet our winner for the Home Credit Group’s Global Value Awards!

Recently the Home Credit Group held an annual award ceremony for our employees who received recognition in implementing our company values.

A round of applause to Pius Didimus, our VP Online Sales for winning the Global Value awards!

As our VP of Online Sales, Pius won one of the Global Value awards for showing a great example on our value Entrepreneurial.

In one of his achievement, he gave a significant contribution to our e-commerce online sales in 2017-2018. By successfully bringing on board partners like Blibli and Tokopedia, he has helped our company in building a strong market position in online consumer finance. Facing lots of obstacles in his way, Pius was never one to give up and successfully drew a cooperation.

Joining the Digital Team in 2018, Pius managed to build up a team of online sales managers that are strong dedicated people. On top of his performance, Pius is also a nice person who can inspire other members in his Digital team to do their best.

Best of luck in continuing our journey to transform the way the world shops!