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Find out about our marvelous business achievements in 2018!

On the latest media gathering event our CEO, Jaroslav Gaisler and Andy Nahil Gultom, Chief External Affairs had a discussion with more than 25 media friends on “Business Performance in 2018 and Company’s Strategy in 2019” at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta as well as announcing the "Home Credit Journalistic Award 2019."

He explained that our total financing amount that grew doubled in 2017 and the paperless system where all administrative application was no longer using paper! Not to mention, our underwriting performance that reduces our approval time from 30 minutes to approximately 3 minutes! Lastly, he mentioned our strategic alliance with two airlines partners (AirAsia and Citilink) that enabling our customers to fly to their dream destinations!

Next, Andy Nahil Gultom invited our media friends to participate in “Home Credit Journalistic Award 2019” to appreciate the effort in providing accurate, informative and useful information and news to our customers.

"Hopefully, the Award can push forward the professionalism of our journalist to most factual information with balanced coverage," said Andy.

More than 25 media coverage published our event on major print and online publications such as Bisnis Indonesia, Kontan and Thank you for our media friends for attending our event! We hope to see you at the next event!