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Learn more about our Brand Operating Principles here!

The Why, How and What

Last week we discussed about the evolution of our brand. Now that you already known more about our brand evolution, it’s time to learn about our Brand Operating Principles (BOP).

The Brand Operating Principles were developed towards the end of 2019 through several Brand Workshops with the participation of some of the Management Committee Members and an external brand consultant.

What are Brand Operating Principles?

We exist to transform the way the world shops, by being the shopping partner that combines seamless financing with great everyday deals. BOP is a translation of this very ambition. They show us what we must and must not do. And they reflect the unique aspects of how our brand is meant to be delivered, be it in our initiatives, processes, and procedures.

Once we fully implement our BOPs in all our activities, we will be able to breathe life to the core values of our brand – inspire confidence, foster a relationship built on genuine care and respect, and drive innovation. And only then will we be able to deliver strong results that can advance our customers, which will in turn drive our business forward.

So, whenever you start to develop an initiative, a product or a new process, please keep our BOPs in mind.

There are seven BOPs and below is a short summary:

1. Product Strategy

We are here to connect people with the things that matter in their lives. Our products must be relevant to the ever-evolving needs of our customers and are simple enough to be used. Validation with customers prior to launch is a must!

2. Pricing Strategy

Being simple, transparent, and competitive in our prices have always been our go-to approach. We reward better deals to encourage customers to pay on time and don’t charge absurd fees.

3. Distribution Strategy

With the mobile app as the center of our universe, we want to provide relevant choices to our customers that fit the speed of their life. In doing so, we want to deliver a seamless and memorable shopping experience to our customers. Our distribution network is also designed to empower digital entrepreneurs.

4. Servicing Strategy

Everything is kept simple and automated, where self-service is made possible on top of our helpful and reliable assistance across all channels. We communicate with our customers just like a friend would, using a warm, optimistic and straight-forward tone and manner, to inspire confidence within them. We care about any hardships they should experience and will provide relevant solutions for them.

5. Customer Relationship

Our customers mean the world to us! By actively listening to their pain points and providing meaningful and relevant offers, we can drive a better customer experience. Maximizing customers life-time value is our goal in the long run.

6. Partner Relationship

We do not have vendors, suppliers or lenders – we have partners. It goes without saying that we need to drive a strong collaboration and mutual respect with all our partners to deliver a win-win solutions and values.

7. Data Protection.

As a tech-based company, we take data security seriously. We value data collection and we are fully compliant with applicable regulations.

Before the pandemic, we have conducted several socializations with some of our friends including but not limited to the Management Committee, Stream Owners, Product Owners, Agile Champions, Scrum Masters, Head of Trainers etc. We will continue to socialize this throughout the year. During one of the sessions, we received a question that might also be on your mind while reading this:

“What if we have activities or processes that are not aligned with the BOP?”

We must change it in so it complies with these operating principles. The BOP is not a one-time project with some strict timeline, but we encourage everyone in the company to move in the spirit of our BOP every time we touch a process or product.

As Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.” We know this new initiative is complex and not a simple task, but we would not be successful without a strong collaboration from each and every single one of you.

Let’s work together to become even greater!