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Learn about our brand story and be an ambassador!

Over the years, research has found that when people care about and believe in a brand, they’re more likely to promote the company. That is why we always try to communicate our brand positioning internally before we launch it externally. So, we would like to take this moment to share our brand story.

Let’s look back to the evolution of the Home Credit Brand.

2017 New Logo & Positioning Statement

September 2017 marked our first move in launching a new brand identity. We tweaked our logo to have a fresher look of our brand and developed a new positioning statement.

Our aspiration is to transform the way the world shops by making things that matter in people’s life affordable. We also changed our claim from “Easy, Simple, Fast” to “Now, You Can!”, as a symbol of empowerment to our customers.

We took this new claim and communicated to nationwide the following year when we held our first ever roadshow: IndonesiaBi5a! (Now Indonesia Can!).

2019 Brand Claim

Beginning of 2019, as our product portfolio grew, our served customers also expanded. We revitalized our claim from “Anda Bisa!” to a more informal “Kamu Bisa!” to become a more relatable company to the younger and tech-savvy demographic. We wanted to be more fun, addressable and relevant. From that day moving forward, we’ve dropped the old-school and formal mannerisms.

2020 New Brand Identity

As our business has grown more and we have developed innovative products beyond ‘just financing’, we decided to revisit our positioning and make sure how we communicate aligns with this new vision. By looking at our products, services, and the competition, and based on the desires of our customers, we are now repositioning our brand where we aspire to transform the way the world shops by being a shopping partner that combines seamless financing with great everyday deals.

Based on customer feedback, and with better insights into how they go on about living their daily lives, and understanding their dreams, we changed our approach to how we view the people we serve and what we can do for them. We call them the everyday brave, those who know that they need to take it upon themselves to succeed and achieve their goal.

These everyday braves can sometimes be afraid of making mistakes and losing face should they experience failure. We all know that finding the courage to break out of the status quo, overcome limitations, and to step out of one’s comfort zone is not as easy as it sounds.

But the everyday braves overcome their fears and limitations, and courageously make the best out of the resources available to move closer towards achieving their goals. And, this is where we come in; we enable them to make their choices with full confidence and move closer towards their goals. We do this by providing them with relevant financial products that they can choose from to respond to their needs.

Repositioning our brand is much more complex, it is an intensive process for the business. It requires collaboration amongst all the business units to change our products, our processes and more importantly, our attitudes and behaviors to our customers and our colleagues.

Throughout the year we will continue to socialize the new brand position, our brand values and operating principles. Stay tuned for our next article about Brand Operating Principles and stand a chance to win special Home Credit souvenirs!