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Let’s learn more about our retransformation for Agile in 2022!

Do you still remember in the beginning of 2020 we did a Stream Kick Off? This signals our company’s transformation in adopting the Agile way of work into our business line, or in a more familiar term, Agile Transformation. This journey to Agile Transformation itself has actually started since 2017, you know.

To focus on Agile Transformation and increasing the agility of our business line, we created the Value Stream (Stream). Let’s familiarize ourselves about Stream again.

If you forget, Stream is a big multidisciplinary team that consist of smaller teams (squad) which is intended to have its members collaborate and create products/services that aligns with our OKR (Objective & Key Result). This is to ensure the team is guided in their work.

Since 2020, our company has started to implement and reach our goals through Stream. Of course, in its journey, we retrospectively view the working methods, people, and processes that happens in Stream to align itself with our company’s achievement.

Included in this is our way to preserve our business in a world that has a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) condition such as now.

We have felt one of these VUCA conditions for real during this Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has made our consumers to adjust their daily activities and habits by reducing direct contact, doing “Stay-at-home”, and others. Because of this, our company quickly responded to this condition with new initiatives such as Home Credit Pay, Home Credit BayarNanti, and other kinds of products that was made to answer the needs of consumers in receiving a quick, easy, and convenient loan service.

In reflecting from these experience and learning, we initiated an Agile Retransformation by changing some business strategies in 2022, such as developing 6 new business Streams.

Want to know about these 6 Streams? Check it out in our KBase Agile Organization page*.

You can also read details about Stream Owner, OKR, and company initiatives in that page.

Agile Retransformation has been starting in Q1 2022. Let’s support the collaboration of these new business Streams by showing our Agile spirit!

*The link to this page is only available for Home Credit Indonesia employees.