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Advance Your Career with these 8 Work Ethics

Each company has its own sets of principals, tightly held throughout every step taken. At Home Credit, we call it our DNA; just like the DNA in our body, these principals are the foundation of everything we do. Throughout the next few months, we choose 8 of our co-workers who represents the 8 DNA and crowned them as the Global DNA Stars, which then will be shared to every employee of Home Credit in 8 countries. Let’s increase our work motivation and learn the 8 DNAs below as well as how we can apply it at our work just like our fellow friends.

Customer Obsession – Khairul Amri

At Home Credit Indonesia, we put our customers on top of everything. Every decision and strategy made are based on the needs and satisfaction of our customers.

Our co-worker, Khairul Amri really portrays this DNA as the IT Genesys Apps Support Specialist. He’s responsible in supporting our activity on the technical part, as well as answering our questions. What makes him special? Lots of initiatives! He open discussions directly with our customers to solve the problems and always listens to their opinions. Because of his initiatives, we can see and solve the problem in accordance with the needs of our customers.

Digital Savviness – Billy Biondi

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, understanding of the technology itself is really important. As a tech-based company, we really hope our co-workers can catch up with many advancements happening today. Make no mistake, we won’t force everyone to understand coding.

Just like our Operational Risk Management Lead Home Credit Indonesia, Billy Biondi, he has the capability to operate data on excel spreadsheet and other Microsoft Tools like a pro. It may sound simple but have a great impact. With the visualization of his data analysis, he was able to create an informative and solution-packed report for our internal teams and other party involved. Let’s learn from his experience and sharpen our skills that might seems simple yet have great impact.

Entrepreneurship – Esra Tambunan

Yes, you read it right, entrepreneurship. What we mean by it is not opening businesses (though we won’t ban you from doing it), but to have the entrepreneurship mindset in doing one’s task. To have the innovative, perseverance as well as ownership of every task at hand.

We see these qualities in Esra Tambunan; even when she’s faced with big challenges due to structural changes, she never gives up. She even shows her innovative side by collaborating with both internal and external teams to make many programs bear successes. Due to her entrepreneurial spirit, she was able to overturn a difficult situation into an admirable achievement.


Integrity – Wendy Sidharta

Integrity can be associated with honesty. Throughout the career journey, maintaining one’s integrity is important to keep one’s co-workers’ trusts. At Home Credit Indonesia, we translate integrity to trust on one’s ability as well as ability to fulfill promise and expectations.

That’s exactly what Wendy Sidharta shows, he promised to focus his energy to help our operational team. He proves it with the results of his work, which are not only satisfactory but also provides comfort for his team. We could follow on his footsteps by making decisions based on the data.

Operational Excellence – Candro Pratomo

At Home Credit, providing maximum services are important. Operational Excellence means everyone can see, communicate and improves the quality of services received by the customers. Though it seems like part of the daily job, the ability to think more than what’s necessary to solve the problem, but to also add more value to it is important.

Take our Senior Data Analyst, Condro Pratomo as an example, he successfully shortens the project preparation time to 2 hours, from the initial 1 day. He did this by thinking on improvements on existing system without sacrificing punctuality. To be like Condro, we could try to look at the big picture of the problem and not focusing only on it.


People Centricity – Angga Prabowo

Our employees are the front of our business, we believe that the quality of our work are closely related to the relationship between co-workers. Thus, we consider that being people centric is very important in our daily work.

We could learn more about being people centric from Angga Prabowo, Key Account Leader. Though he could be considered new to the position, Angga has the ability to lead and nurture his team on all things necessary to know on maintaining and creating relationship with various partner. Angga’s effort is very impactful in one of our biggest events this year, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran. The key to his success is his ability to welcome and grow his team member.

Risk in Mind – Ahmad Nugroho

When working, no matter how big or small, there’s always risk involved. This is why at Home Credit, we always thinking about the potential risk when making decision. Problem lies where the risk is outside of our expertise.

This is where we can learn from the next DNA Star, Ahmad Nugroho our Senior IT Security. Though he didn’t face the customers directly but risks of his works sometimes impacted them. He faces this problem by discussing It with co-workers from other division and always listening to given inputs. The results are innovative solution that could solve all the risk.


Thinking Big – Suciadi Nugroho

Innovation in doing every part at Home Credit Indonesia can be done when we follow current development. This is why we encourage and support our co-workers at the office to always be creative and develop new ideas in doing their works. Thus, in creating this innovation we can’t forget the impact of our idea on other departments.

This has always been at the mind of our next DNA Star, Suciadi Nugroho as the UW Technology Assistant Manager at Home Credit Indonesia. When discussing something with him, he doesn’t only think from his expertise, but he takes a step further and think on the impact of every change to other team. He also has a high ownership value to the ideas he proposes, thus every idea he proposes usually comes to fruition.

Our DNA Stars are surely inspiring! Surely there are many ways to apply the aforementioned 8 DNA. Luckily there are many examples provided by our DNA Stars. Check out more from our people and read the stories of our Home Credit Indonesia buddies’ career journey who are as inspiring and cool as them.