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Meet Andina and follow her as she explores the endless possibilities in her Home Credit journey.

Before she joined Home Credit, Andina Rosfieta once worked as a reporter and a branding analyst. Started out as a Public Relations and Communications Specialist in Home Credit’s early days, her career ladder has led her to become our current Public Relations & Communications Manager.

Being a Careerpreneur for Andina means being someone who is passionate with her work and to always be themselves.

“She’s easy going and helpful. She knows a lot of people in the office and a great friend too. She also inspired us in External Affairs to be a solid team and a family,” said Yudiarto Krisnandono, Head of Government & Industrial Relation and Andina’s co-worker.

Tune in to know more about Andina here!

How did you start your career?

I joined Home Credit on May 2015 as a Public Relations & Communications Specialist, and within a number of months I was promoted to Assistant Manager.

When I started in Home Credit, the PR function hasn't been developed and it was still part of the Marketing & Strategy team. Once we went to an organizational change, PR was split from Marketing and it became part of the External Affairs team.

“It was a fitting change because External Affairs is more of Corporate Communication,” she says.

So, once I was part of External Affairs by 2016. The next year I was promoted again to Public Relations & Communications Manager, where my tasks include mainly of highlighting our company’s activities through written and visual display to the public, build and maintain our reputation, as well as fostering good relations with the public both internally or externally from the organization. I’m proud to be a part of Home Credit’s team that builds up the PR function.

So, why did you want to join Home Credit?

When I was recruited to join the company, I looked at two things: 1) how big the company was in its home country, and 2) the management team. What I saw from Home Credit was that the management team consisted of people who worked in big companies before. Even our CEO previously worked in General Electric.

“Because of the fact that our management came from big companies, it made me confident to work here. I believe that these people have the push to challenge themselves to raise Home Credit to newer heights.” she states.

Other than that, I have always been passionate about Public Relations. Having the chance to work in this company has become a way for me to hone my PR skills. I have also done some breakthroughs, such as running the roll out press conference since 2016 as well as initiating the photo and writing competitions for journalists. These programs paved the way to introduce our company to more cities in Indonesia.

Can you help us share your career journey at Home Credit? 

  • May 2015 – Public Relations & Communications Specialist
  • April 2016 – Public Relations & Communications Assistant Manager
  • September 2017 – Public Relations & Communications Manager

What are the challenges in your career? How did you overcome those obstacles?

I think I should refer back to my experiences working in an agency. I could handle up to 4 clients from different industries there. It pushed my creative side a lot, to multitask, and to work fast. While here, we’re focused on one thing.

To tackle myself from getting bored, I would give myself half an hour of just listening to music. Or when I’m stuck, I would ask my peers for a brainstorming session. Since we’re such a little team, it’s not difficult for us to do it often. I think these methods really help. After all, if we force ourselves too much, we won’t completely finish our work.

Another challenge that I face is adapting to the work culture here. This is a company with a culture that is fast-paced and straightforward. Once I adapted to it though, it proved very beneficial for me. I now work quicker than usual, and I set my targets more specifically.

Any funny stories that happened in your career here?

Well, here we would often hold birthday surprises, right? There’s a funny story out of this. I was suddenly asked by my manager to come in the morning to give a presentation for our CEO, Jaroslav Gaisler. That made me panic a bit, but it was all a plot by my husband who previously coordinated with my boss and my co-workers to trick me for a birthday surprise.

What’s funny was that it backfired because it was so early in the morning, everyone who wanted to surprise me gathered at Starbucks and most of them were still quite sleepy, so it didn’t go as planned. But I was still surprised, because everyone already gathered at Starbucks bringing a cake, including my best friend and my husband…hahaha!

Which Home Credit value represents you the most?

Entrepreneurial. The notion of working from the heart and treating the company as something that belongs to us resonates with me. I also feel the value of Focused on Results is relatable to me. When I work on a program, I do it with maximum effort and setting an initial target for it. Thus, I believe these two values represents me the most.

What are your hobbies? Ever had a moment where you relate your hobby with your career?

“I love food, like Soto Betawi for example. But what I really love the most is traveling a lot, especially to places that have beaches. In Indonesia, I’m never bored of Bali and Yogyakarta,” said her.

Since I got the opportunity to visit Home Credit offices in several cities, it was also a way for me to enjoy travelling. Just like when I visited Manado, because I love beaches, I got the chance to enjoy the beaches there, as well as tasting the local cuisine. After finishing my work responsibilities, I try to enjoy the visit to the fullest.

What is your career philosophy?

Work from the heart. And when you consider your work as a hobby, you won’t ever feel that it’s a burden. Believe that we do our best, let other people judge the results later.