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What does it mean to love yourself? Our Fri-YAY session has the answers. Read here!

Sometimes, we would put others before ourselves, but is that the best thing to do? As the saying goes, “love yourself first before you love others”. It’s still good to think about others, however, we mustn’t forget to consider our own importance first. What exactly does it mean in doing this? Our Fri-YAY session answers all that.

On February, coinciding with the month of Valentines, our HR team held the Fri-YAY! session on the topic of “But First, Love Yourself”. As speaker for this event is our HR Director, Wiwik Wahyuni, to talk about self-love. Accompanying her were several members of the HR team in moderating questions from the chat. Let’s take a look at the points that were discussed.

What is Self-Love?

Wiwik explains how self-love is about accepting ourselves fully and treating ourselves with kindness and respect while also nurturing our own growth and wellbeing. It’s not only how we treat ourselves, but also about our own thoughts and feelings.

In the session, Wiwik brought up a fact that most of the world suffer from low self-esteem. Having this trait is a common denominator for addictive and abusive behaviour, which is why it’s important to learn to love ourselves more.

What are Wiwik’s secrets for self-love?

  • Understand yourself, your values in life, and your mission
  • Choose to be happy and positive
  • Practice your gratitude daily
  • Prioritize your health & wellness
  • Challenge yourself more
  • Reward yourself once in a while

Is Self-Love the same as Selfish?
According to Wiwik, they are two different things altogether. Being selfish is about:

Believing you’re better than others

  • Won’t acknowledge or take responsibility for our mistakes and flaws
  • Lacking empathy for others
  • Seeking extra amounts of external validation

While self-love is more of:

  • It’s not about showing off how great you are
  • Loving ourselves in a healthy way means knowing our flaws and mistakes. After that, we care and accept ourselves despite our imperfections
  • Self-love doesn’t prevent you from caring for others. It means you give yourself the same kindness that you give to others.

How can we put self-love into practice?

Wiwik believes that practicing self-love is to reduce some common challenges. These includes putting other people’s happiness first, being afraid to change, being too self-critical, not noticing your feelings, and having less time to do something for yourself.

When we reduce those challenges, we can be able to be more self-loving. Here’s a glimpse of a personal self-love plan for you to do:

  1. Assess how you feel about yourself
  2. Plan your habits and activities that you should do for yourself
  3. Live that plan in your daily life
  4. Adjust your self-love habits according to your priorities

If you have a daily routine for your self-love activities, you’ll be able to practice it well.

And that’s what self-love is about and how you can start doing it routinely. Are you ready to love yourself more?