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We’re back again with #KepoIn! Let’s uncover the other side of Amitoaj Singh!

We are finally here with our second episode of #KepoIn: Not Rumors, Just Facts! Our live interview segment in MS Teams where we delve deeper into members of our ManCo (Management Committee). This time, we invited special guest Amitoaj Singh (Head of Collection) as we dig behind-the-scenes to explore more about his work and his life.

We had our second episode on April 27th, 2021. Accompanying the audiences during their lunch break, along with moderator Kusumawicitra Yahya (Lead Talent Management), we got to see the other side of Amitoaj. To start off, we asked Amitoaj to answer some chosen questions that were submitted prior with a session called SACI Says. Let’s check out what he answered!

Host Kusumawicitra Yahya (Citra) with speaker Amitoaj Singh

SACI Says 

1. How was your journey in becoming Head of Collection? And what can we do to be like you?

You don’t have to be like me. I don’t have a specific role model because I learn from everyone I work with. Altogether, you will have a mixed of good qualities from multiple people.

In my journey, I am consistent in asking: will I learn something? Some decisions I did make sense, and some I learned from. If I am learning, then I will continue. Don’t be afraid to fail and learn to move on.

2. I believe you have experience in other countries before. If you could compare with other countries, what are the challenges and good points about collection activities here in Indonesia and specifically in Home Credit Indonesia?

Handling collection is like handling any other departments in the company. You work as a team, have goals to achieve, and do everything you can to achieve them. It involves a lot of people, targets, and operations.

From my experience in the India branch, there are some similarities and also differences to Indonesia. Some complexities we might find in India is that there can be 9 languages spoken in India. The legal process is also different. The advantage in Indonesia is that we are market leaders, so hiring becomes easier because people want to work for us. Our people stay with us, and we’re able to work as a team. That is something very positive.

3. In your opinion, what is meant by self-success and mutual success?

If I talk about self-success, that’s in a personal level. When I want to achieve something like learning Indonesian, that’ll be my self-success. Mutual success is more of a team working together to achieve a common goal.

(Note: There was also one question below from the Live Q&A for Amitoaj.)

4. What was your culture shock coming to Indonesia?

India was a very diverse environment, so it’s similar to Indonesia. The biggest shock for me was eating lunch from 12 to 1. In India, we don’t have a specific lunchtime. It took me 3 months to adapt to eating lunch at 12.

Secondly, the other difference was the work life balance. People leaving the office at 6 p.m. is not common in India.  The working environment in Indonesia helps to give employees more time for their families.

After SACI Says, we also have a more light-hearted segment. And to break the ice with Amitoaj, we brought in a secret guest. Yes, it’s our very own Simran Soni (Chief Excellence Officer)! For this segment, Simran gave some personal facts and questions to Amitoaj.

Session with Simran Soni

Amitoaj Can Cook!

Simran: Amitoaj is great at cooking. We stay in the same complex and Amitoaj is very good at giving us instructions what he wants to eat over the weekends. He would share his baked chicken recipe to everybody.

Amitoaj: I like to bake chicken with veggies and spices. I use a thermometer to check the right temperature, then Simran said “You don’t need a thermometer, just use a fork to poke and see if it’s done or not!” Hahaha…

Favorite Warung

Simran: Which is your favorite warung to order food from?

Amitoaj: A small warung called Bebek Kartika. I usually eat grilled chicken, chili, tofu, and tempe there. Fun fact, in India grilled chicken is supposed to be an appetizer. So, the first time I went to the warung I asked, what should I do with it? Hahaha.

Favorite Streaming Sites

Simran: What streaming sites do you like to watch?

Amitoaj: I mostly watch Netflix because Amazon prime content is limited here than in India. Disney+ I’m not subscribed yet. I always watch 2 series at a time, one that makes me laugh a lot, and one that is repetitive to watch. On weekends, It’s something more like sci-fi or vampires.

Authentic Indian Food

Simran: Where can people find authentic Indian food to eat in Jakarta?

Amitoaj: The most authentic I know is in Sunter, North Jakarta. There are some Indian communities serving food for Indians there. Simran and me goes there once a month. We go there to eat the South Indian food together, and the authentic flavors could be found there.

After the fun segment with Simran, we close this #KepoIn with a few closing remarks from Citra. And there you have it. A better look at who Amitoaj Singh is.

A little thank you from Amitoaj and Citra for #KepoIn viewers!

Thank you for watching! We hope this #KepoIn episode has been insightful to watch!