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4 tricks to get that job promotion you’ve been dreaming of!

The Learning & Development team and Inspigo invited Dyota Marsudi (Executive Director of Vertex Ventures), Riza Perdana (President Director of Indonesia Ferry Property), Yoris Sebastian (Founder of OMG Creative Consulting), and our very own Febiyanti Ratnasari, IT Analyst Manager to Plaza Oleos on 12 April 2018.

Our Inspiring Speakers:  Dyota Marsudi, Executive Director of Vertex Ventures (left), Our very own Febiyanti Ratnasari, IT Analyst Manager  (center), and our friend from Inspigo  

It was an interactive session between the speakers and the participants. Dyota Marsudi and Febiyanti might have some tips and trick to accelerate your promotion in no time!

  1. Result oriented
    When you are feeling lazy at work, it is critical to channel your energy to the most important task of the day.
    Dyota gave an astounding tips to ensure that we can finish the work even though you are feeling low! It is all about setting the right mindset. During his tenure with the Boston Consulting Group, he shared how the laziest person at the office can give the best solution to a problem.  The main reason is because they will execute the job with the minimum effort. Make senses? So, we are suggesting to keep doing the work that require the least effort. Therefore, you can avoid any backlogs and last minute changes! We don’t’ like late nights, right?

  2. Priority, Priority, Priority
    To-do-list might not be the best solution for some of us. Why? If you cannot prioritize the work on your list, then you might never finish the work!
    The solution? You need to understand the distinction between important and urgent. The work that you might think is urgent is not that important. Nevertheless, the urgency of your work should be determine by the impact. If you think it is not that impactful, then it is a good time to rethink about importance of the task.

  3. Standing out from the crowd
    How? It’s easy. Make sure that you can be the best version of yourself. Remember one of our values on being Innovative? We are sure that you are very familiar with this value. You can ask this question: how can I develop myself to be a better version of myself?  
    It’s vital to preach what you teach. Why? There is no point if you cannot deliver what you promise to the team. So, it matters to always Focused on Results when you are doing the task at work.

  4. Stress Management
    Stress because of work? I think it’s unavoidable! However, Dyota and Febi said that stress might contribute to the increase of work productivity. Is it possible? Yes.
    For Febi, our IT Analyst Manager who manages her team must know how to manage the stress of herself and the team. A mistake can be a major the trigger of stress to develop but you can learn to acknowledge that to avoid the next mistake. Dyota also emphasized the important to reflect by acknowledging the stress can be vital to develop ourselves.

“It’s an excellent event so they have the knowledge to excel in the digital era. Especially we are striving to be the most progressing company. We hope that our friends can learn and become a driving force to make positive changes to be the unbeatable number 1 multi-finance company in Indonesia,” Rani Kemalasari, Talent Management Manager.

The Success Team: (left to right) Gibran Arief Machfuza, OD & Performance Sr. Specialist, Rani Kemalasari, Talent Management Manager, Prisanti Uni Arta, Organizational Capability Jr. Specialist, Maya Amelia, HR Clerk, and Ummy Hani, Training Assistant

Also, read the testimonial from Deden Lukman Dimas Solihin, Market Research Jr. Specialist:

“Learning Fair at Home Credit is so engaging! I love the bean bag! I also love the ambiance since the talkshow is very interactive, especially when they asked us to participate in the quiz! Can I just say how much I love the speakers who came to the Fair? I love hearing their success stories from Yoris, Dyota, and Mbak Febi!

Say Cheese: All participants took a group photo at the end of the session with Dyota Marsudi and Febiyanti Ratnasari