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We’re back this year with our chosen people for Global DNA Stars in 2022!

Are you still familiar with DNA Stars? To refresh your memory, it’s our program where we select honorary individuals across various functions who best reflects the 8 Leadership Qualities. Each quarter, every Home Credit branch worldwide will nominate 8 of their employees or exceptional teams who exemplify our company’s DNA.  These are employees who have done something extraordinary by providing strong skills, creating new products, or effectively managing the business and launching many key projects.

Once again, for this year we want to show our gratitude by providing the Indonesian branch’s DNA Stars the spotlight by thanking them for their extraordinary achievements.

Let’s get to know them!

Libertha Lively

(Critical Customer Care Manager)

She ensures our customer complaint will be handled properly as per SOP and with regular update to all stakeholders. She proactively coordinates with cross-functional teams to improve customer complaint handling based on complaint analysis and an understanding of customer pain points. She also put herself in the centre of her activities to solve complaints.

Ashwin Rusdianto

(Contact Center Engineer)

He started from scratch with no knowledge and experience at all about automation and all the technologies, but he really catches up very fast in Omnichannel by supporting projects in CRM, Collection, and Operation. He joined all migrations although it's not his responsibility to understand and improve his knowledge. As a result, he was able to deliver many projects in Omnichannel

Poppy Margareth

(Group KAM Non MPGG)

She’s always on fire and reflect it to the whole team. Her passion and her discipline are proof that she is a good leader. She has high ownership; she is very familiar with the process from start to finish and everything are well coordinated. Plan, timeline, process, execution, all the results are on track. Whether the results are good or not, the important thing is that the task doesn't get stuck.

RR F. Maya Kinanti

(Brand Development Manager)

Maya joined BD 4 months ago and started managing our partner directly. She created Promo Brand Nationwide and Promo Regional. She is assertive, smart, a fast learner, and is brave to say “no” if partners want to negotiate a subsidy below standard. She accepts all advice & feedbacks and follow directions to improve herself. She is independent, always focuses on her tasks, and have a growth mindset.

Afrizal Nurkahfi

(Ops Process Improvement Asst. Manager)

Afrizal is leading various initiative in Operations to make the team perform better: Chatbot, Whatsapp outbound campaign, contract registration automation and simplification to name some of the projects. He stays focused in delivering end-to-end result and actively collaborating with other functions or the external vendor. His logical process was massive and used as role model by his team member whom he actively developing as well.

Yunita Yohana

(Agile Coach)

She helps our teams to have more bonding since we have many new Agile Coaches joining and has helped as a buddy or mentor for them so they could adapt well during the first month of joining Home Credit. She shares her feedback that would be beneficial for new team members so that they could integrate with Home Credit culture and their role as Agile Coaches with team. She also helps her stream to be more collaborative and innovative in defining the solution by helping to facilitate design thinking workshops.

Bramantio Aji

(Sr. IT Security)

He is a strong individual in managing IT Security’s technical area. He is always eager to develop his leadership skills, and he is also actively involved in the Global IT Security Team in collaboration with other Home Credit countries regarding the activities of detecting and preventing cyber-attacks, online fraud and information data protection, where the aim is to always ensure our company IT assets are secured. He is loyal to the company and is willing to enthusiastically share his experience and technical knowledge in IT Security area to his colleagues.

Amanda Kulsum

(IT Core System Engineer)

Amanda is truly the representation of someone with the Thinking Big quality. There are lots of projects that she is in charge of - and it’s always well analysed because of her attitude to pay attention to every little detail and impact to other teams. She is also one of the key persons in the system that being used by accounting, and lots of people (business team, embedIT, HCID IT peer) comes to her whenever there are suggestions, or something needed for the system because she understands quite well what the impact is to the system and to the business team's needs in the future.