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Ever wonder what our Business Intelligence team is like? Check out more about them here!

Give us a brief overview of your team

Our team was established in 2015 by Tomas Vitek (VP Digital Technology). At first our scope of work was smaller, where we did more on delivering data warehouse and building central report. But as time goes by and our tools broaden, so have our scope. We now deal with data integration, data exploration, and new stacks of tools to help our process.

So Business Intelligence at first was built to be a competency center to support the Sales, Marketing, Risk, and others in creating dashboard reports for their data analysts. To make it simple, our initial goal is to build a team that has the knowledge to structure data.

What makes your team impactful to the business?

The fact that we handle the data distribution in this company. We handle the data warehouse so that any function that requires data, we’re there to support them in giving the data they need.

“The basic idea is that we are the competency centre in this company related to B.I.. We help solve issues with B.I. tools, data source, reporting, etc.” said Riadi Surya, (Business Intelligence Senior Manager).

We also see ourselves as the jack-of-all-trades. Whenever other functions needs something to solve, we help with what we can.

Any challenges you faced? How did you handle it?

We collaborate with other functions, and the challenge we face there is in terms of prioritization. We know what we plan to do and we collaborate, but along the way there might be changes from the other team so we then have to set our time with them. This leads us to delays.

If we look back at our initial idea as a team, we are the ones who manage and centralize data in this company. We standardize data definition, but because we also support operational, sometimes the priorities becomes jumbled. Do we focus on our business aspect first or data governance?

To handle this, we as product owners discuss with business first to avoid conflict of interest. If the justification will value the company more, we prioritize that first.  

What makes the team special to you?

It’s the feeling that in B.I., it’s easy to communicate and talk with people in the team. Everyone likes to ask and be asked. Discussions are also enjoyable, be it during work or out-of-work.

It’s perhaps the culture that was implanted by Tomas, a concept to be more of a family. We’re free to communicate or complain to our boss, and we’re used to no limits. We discuss about anything, and encourage ourselves to learn.

Any breakthroughs or upcoming projects?

We’re trying to establish something that we targeted for a while which is data governance that can guide all the analysts in our company to create a standard report. By standard, we mean data that is not different between one department and the other. With this, we plan to eliminate the use of Excel and E-mail to report data, because these tools often becomes spam.

Another project we’re working on are machine learning competency center. Through these projects, we want to identify the type of people we employ from the activities they do in their mobile apps. The impact here is that the employment process will be easier to identify which people are okay or not.

Any fun activities that your team enjoys doing?

We don’t have any special schedules. When any of us have time to eat out at night, we do so. The only official events we have are probably Iftar, or Christmas dinner together. We haven’t managed to watch a movie together though, hahaha….

Describe how your team implement our 4 values.


We implement or enforce fairness culture in our team. Everyone can feel free to talk to anyone about anything.


Because of our innovativeness, whenever there are urgent projects we always try to think up ideas on how we can work it out.


To put it simply, when our team succeeds in something which leads to the company’s success, we feel that it applies to us so much.

Focused on Results

We focus on how our tasks are done and what business value we can bring from this.

If you share the same values with us, why not join our team and be a part of financial inclusion in Indonesia!

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