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Let’s check out our latest internship program and the interns’ stories!

Recently, our company has finally held a new internship program called Home Credit Indonesia Apprentice Program (HAP). This time, we are working with Kampus Merdeka, an initiative from the Ministry of Education and Culture for college students who seeks work experience for their future career. How did the program go? Let’s check out the story.

Starting in 2022, the Kampus Merdeka initiative worked together with our company to recruit college students who are seeking to be interns within a professional, corporate environment. The internship program is headed by the HR team and were open for three kinds of positions:

  • Data Scientist & Analyst position
  • IT Developer position
  • General position

Like any internship program, there are mentors who guide the interns. There are several mentors from the IT, CRM, and HR team who helped. As mentors, their main jobs were:

  • Delegate the intern task list
  • Guide the intern for a project
  • Evaluate the intern
  • Communicate with the intern and provide recommendations
  • Check and approve the intern’s weekly report

So, how did the mentorship go?

Here are some testimonies from the mentors of this program.

“I have 2 interns in my unit, Hilda and Isyraq. They have been working with me for almost 2 weeks and they are included in our daily meetings. It's great to see them being open to new information, how they digest the information, and came up with questions afterwards. I hope they are having fun and gaining a lot of knowledge at the same time!” said Kusumawicitra Yahya (TA Corporate Lead).

“It's amazing to mentor Filda. She is a cheerful girl, very pleasant to work with, and has a positive vibe. I remember she proactively promoted her past project which she found interesting during the interview. I believe she will learn many things with us, and I personally can't wait to see her in action!” said Arif Nurhidayat (Data Scientist CRM Modelling Lead).

How about the interns’ thoughts on the program?

Our interns expressed about their experience with the Apprentice Program. Let’s see what some of them thought about it.

“The work encourages that I have high focus and be open minded. Besides that, the mentors in the teams are also very nice and supportive to help explain details that I don’t understand. The point is, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask a lot here.” said Safira Sistya Cahyani (UPNVJ Student).

“I was explained a lot about what campaign management is and were taught how to execute a campaign that would later be sent to Home Credit Indonesia’s partners. By the second week, I was given the task to execute the campaign myself, and I managed to do it. I hope I can gain more knowledge during my internship here.” said Hesa Ikhlas Putra (Binus University Student).

“Home Credit Indonesia warmly welcomed us as interns and provided various facilities and support, such as a laptop and several merch. We had good mentors, and the company provides webinars with various interesting topics on how to communicate well with colleagues. I want to thank Home Credit for this opportunity to learn.” said Hilda Nisa Endarwati (Airlangga University Student).

As we can see, the interns benefitted a lot from this apprentice program and learned plenty of things to prepare their future career. We hope our company will continue to be an open environment for young minds to seek a professional experience.

Thank you, interns! You make us proud!