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Check out the highlights from our very first TransformACTION session!

Serving the customers’ needs is at the core of our business. But should we serve everything that the customer wants, or are there certain things we have to consider? We answer these concerns in our very first TransformACTION session.

On September 8th, 2020, we held our first TransformACTION Talk “Have We Done What Matters?” This new initiative is triggered by our response to actively upgrade our leadership & individual qualities to achieve a stronger Home Credit Indonesia, Home Credit 3.0.

So what does it take to succeed in Home Credit? Animesh Narang, our acting CEO, shares his perspective on Customer Obsession, Operational Excellence, and Integrity. Hosted by Noach Goethegara Z (Lead Organization Capability & Culture) the discussion begins on the topic of Asking Customers Opinion which matters to be our best role and best field of work.

The session also dissected what does it mean by Customer. It is not only about external customer; the one who buys our products, but also internal customer; the one who needs our service inside the organization. It can be our superior, peers, or even our subordinates. We are here to serve.

What it means by serving is not only about the current demand from our customer, but to also look to the future and keep up with customer’s expectation.

The session highlighted 3 Myths or Facts to break the myths about customers that we have heard a lot and reflect with our own experience.

Myth or Fact?

The Customer is always right

This is perceived as a Fact. Customer wants value. When we deliver that value, we succeed. Hence, our homework is to find out what our customer needs and find the best way to fulfill that.

A satisfied customer always comes back

This is perceived as partially true. Customer evolves. Therefore, having a frequent touchpoint with your customer is a must. Being more frequent is better.

We always need out-of-the-box ideas to make our customers happy

This is also perceived as partially true. Out-of-the-box ideas would be nothing if we are not excellent in simple things. We must focus on being excellent in delivering simple things as well.

So, what have you done to understand customers better? Have you put yourself in their shoes?

Let’s do it for others!

Start your journey today, start TransformACTION!