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We finally had our first vaccination program! And now, we are carrying out the second vaccination stage. Let’s read the story!

In our company, we know how vital the country’s effort is in reaching herd immunity through COVID-19 vaccinations. As part of our full support for government initiatives, we have held our own vaccination program for our employees and their families, business partners, customers, as well as general public. We are now also having the second stage of the vaccination program from 30th August – 3rd September 2021.

Let’s flashback a little and check out how the first stage of our program went!

The first vaccination stage was held from August 2nd – 6th, 2021 at our head office on Plaza Oleos, South Jakarta. We have distributed Sinovac vaccines for more than 1,700 people. We are working together with a health service provider, SehatQ, where the public can register through that platform to receive vaccinations in this program.

In line with the government’s initiative, the vaccinations are completely free of charge for all participants. This vaccination program was also successfully launched in collaboration with other related parties such as the DKI Jakarta Health Office, Pasar Minggu Sub-district – Kebagusan Health Center, Kalbis Institute, and the building management of Plaza Oleos. On the first day this program was launched, Home Credit also received a visit from Acting Mayor of South Jakarta Isnawa Adji.

In ensuring that the program follow strict health protocols, vaccination schedules were arranged in advance, starting from morning to afternoon. Participants were also required to wear their facemasks and maintain physical distance at all times while in Plaza Oleos.

With the initiation of this first dose of vaccination programs, this is our show of commitment in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic so that it may help the country’s economy in recovering. With this vaccine dosage, we also hope that our employees and the general public still stay healthy and continue with their daily activities without worry.

We also received some positive testimonies from vaccine participants:

“I just had my first vaccine and as Home Credit’s employee, I feel very thankful for this free vaccination program. The service is good, it’s clean, clear, and everything ran well.” – Edie Santoso, Home Credit Field employee

“Thank you, Home Credit, for this facility. My mother in her wheelchair was also really helped by the facilitators. Thank you for giving attention to the elderly, and me, my son, and my mother felt very helped to receive vaccinations in a place that isn’t hectic.” - Sereida Tambunan, Kebagusan resident

Thank you so much to everyone involved who have made this vaccination program a success.  

Have you been vaccinated yet? Take part in stage 2 of our vaccination program at Plaza Oleos!

Let’s stay healthy!