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Read on about our support for the Indonesian Red Cross efforts and how you can help too!

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is a national organization that plays an important role in humanitarian work. Our company is in full support of the PMI efforts to help the public. And especially right now in the midst of natural disasters which are often happening at several regions in Indonesia. On top of that, we are also still caught in a pandemic which increases emergency responses for medical assistance and other supporting tools.

PMI itself has proven their work with the following track record:

  • Health socialization for 5.8 million people
  • Emergency & medicinal operations for 5.8 million people
  • Providing aid in all 34 provinces in Indonesia
  • Over 750,000 volunteers across the country

Helping Disaster Situations

We’ve now seen issues where the threat of disasters is happening. This can be the eruption of Mount Semeru, or floods due to the La Nina storm that is predicted to expand. To anticipate the upcoming possible crisis, we work together with PMI that is working non-stop on emergency operations with volunteers.

Helping to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is still not over, so let’s remain disciplined in maintaining cleanliness, always wearing masks, and maintaining distance. It’s our duty to remind, protect and save each other from the COVID-19 virus. Let’s not forget these five steps: washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, and reducing mobility, thereby reducing the risk of ourselves and those closest to us getting sick.

PMI have also helped to diminish the spread of COVID-19 cases by providing hundreds of disinfectants and conducting mass vaccinations for the public.

“We are very happy and respect a company that supports our efforts, such as Home Credit Indonesia. And especially Home Credit now invites its customers and employees to donate to us. The smallest help is very beneficial for us”, said Sudirman Said, Secretary General of PMI.

To provide your own help, it is possible to give cashless donations through PMI by transferring from digital wallets or m-banking by scanning PMI’s QRIS that can be found on Home Credit’s partner stores or you can also scan the QRIS on our website page here.

Lastly to note, all donation results will be fully managed by PMI for emergency disaster response in the form of various medical aid supplies and basic needs, as well as supporting equipment for PMI personnel and volunteers.

Thank you, PMI, for letting us contribute together in your humanitarian efforts. We applaud your amazing work for the public!