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Let’s get to know 3 of our program awardees who have finished their basic and beginner classes, Dwi Sulistyono, Aris Mulyadi, and Harry! 

Empowering those marginalized by various factors to grow and thrive alongside society is a goal we will not stop working towards. 2 months ago, Home Credit collaborated with Dicoding Indonesia to give an opportunity for people with disabilities to develop as individuals and become professional experts through a coding scholarship program. From 137 awardees who started the classes, now there are some awardees who have passed the basic and beginner classes. They are now attending the classes to finish the learning modules in the intermediate class. Curious about their stories? 

Meet Dwi Sulistyono, Aris Mulyadi, and Harry. These passionate people had worked hard to finish the previous 2 classes before entering the intermediate class level. 

Dwi first heard of the scholarship program from his mother who was a customer of Home Credit Indonesia. Powered by his desire to develop his programming skills in Android Kotlin, Dwi took this opportunity to grow and improve his skills which would bring him closer to his dreams. 

For Aris who had been waiting for a chance to get Android training, he is excited to attend the program because he gets new knowledge and skills to prepare himself in facing the challenges of industry 4.0. Attending these classes was not that easy for Aris.  He must carefully divide his time between work and completing several online classes including the Android Classes from this scholarship program. Not only that, but he had also just registered as a new student in a university. The road may not always be smooth, but it will be worth the ride.  

Coding can be a challenge, but strong passion can help you overcome anything. Harry has a message to those participants who are still finishing the basic and beginner classes, “Progress happens every day even if it’s just a little. If something is not clear, don't hesitate to ask in the discussion forum or in the Whatsapp group that is available for the awardees. Keep up the spirit and take care of your health because there is a healthy mind in a healthy body.” 

 Let’s wish all the awardees good luck in passing the programs!