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This year, we’re back with our financial literacy class! Read the story here!

After quite a while, we’re finally back with our #DoITCERDAS Financial Literacy Educational Class, where we help educated various people to manage their finances better for their future.

This time, we visited Yayasan Bhakti Senang Hati in Gianyar, Bali. With 35 of our disabled friends that we educated, this special class held the theme of Everyone Can Dream (Learning to Manage Finances). Being wise in handling finances is one of the keys to success to reach our financial goals. This also applies for the participants in the class who wants to develop their soft skills regarding finances.

Starting from teaching them about managing their income so that they finally reach their dreams, our friends at Yayasan Bhakti Senang Hati is hoped to plan their future better. Guided by our facilitator from our Sustainability and Social Impact team, Esra Tambunan, this special class resulted in plenty of enthusiasm from the participants.

It can be seen from their enthusiasm that our friends at Yayasan Bhakti Senang Hati asked a lot of questions regarding monthly budgeting tips that are ideal and how to save money well. Besides asking those questions, the facilitator team also gave tips on practical savings that can be done in day-to-day activities.

From the group discussion session, the participants who were mostly physically disabled looked to be very motivated in doing their activities. They were also accompanied by our employees in Denpasar in making their lists about their financial goals and how to reach them.

All in all, our financial literacy class with our disabled friends in Yayasan Bhakti Senang Hati was very rewarding. And we truly hope that all of them will reach their financial goals in the future.

We’re not stopping here, though. Our company will continue to help increase the knowledge and capacity of citizens here in managing their finances. Let’s get more motivated in managing our money with #DoITCERDAS