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This time in our podcast we have a special guest! Who is it? Find out in our article!

It’s time we start this year by setting our financial goals!

By having a financial goal, we can be motivated to fulfil our long-term dreams. Not only that, we will also be able to realize our financial freedom which can make our lives much calmer.

Well, all those things can be achieved if we can identify what our financial goals are and then we develop from there a clearly-set plan to achieve it.

How can we do that? Look no further and check out the tips from our friend, Surya Sahetapy, a prestigious deaf activist with a whole lot of experience in reaching dreams.

Watch the video below!

So, what can we learn from Surya Sahetapy?

  1. Make an effort to have money that is 10 times the amount of the item you want to buy so that you save up
  2. Have emergency funding, which is 12 times more than your expenses amount
  3. Find extra sources of income

And there’s also exciting stories from Surya Sahetapy in his path to reach his dreams. Check it out in the video!

Now we know the ways that we can do to realize our financial goals. Let’s always #DoITCERDAS!