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Who are our DNA Stars this time? Let’s get to know them!

It’s another month for us to introduce our latest DNA Stars, honorary individuals that we chose because they best reflect our 8 Leadership Qualities in their day-to-day lives. They have shown us that they are living proof of people who can make us believe that leadership qualities matter and are applicable.

These are individuals who have given their best performance and showing us that leadership is an attitude that anyone can have. This time, for the month of March 2021, we want to appreciate individuals who represent the qualities of Digital Savviness and Operational Excellence.

So, who are our latest DNA Stars? Let’s get to know them below!

Atikah Shafira Hatta (Learning Design Asst. Manager) Digital Savviness

“Atikah is definitely one of the most digitally savvy people in our stream. She plays very important role on Training Team's approach-shifting to digital channels. DIKA optimization for digital onboarding, SA academy, and regular refreshment training; interactive learning development are happening smoothly from her expertise. She also consistently comes with ideas on how Training Team can use digital learning. Not only ideas, she provides tangible results which are excellent.”

Antony Gani (Territory Manager Makassar) Digital Savviness

“Makassar is one of the areas that often becomes a pilot project for new initiations (example: UDJ Pilot, UDJ Initiation Anywhere, Paylater, Stand Alone Insurance, etc) and as the TM, Anthony Gani always wants to know how the system should be processed. So, he would usually reach out to trainers to know about the system process workflow and try it by itself with his team. He also always tries to find a better mechanism on digital social media for his team to make better digital social advertising and give an example to his team

our DNA Stars recognized by the Home Credit Group!

You may be familiar with DNA Stars, a program where we select honorary individuals across various functions who best reflects the 8 Leadership Qualities. Each quarter, every Home Credit branch worldwide will nominate 8 of their employees or exceptional teams who exemplify our company’s DNA.  These are employees who have done something extraordinary by providing strong skills, creating new products, or effectively managing the business and launching many key projects.

To show our gratitude, we would like to provide the Indonesian branch DNA Stars the spotlight by thanking them for their extraordinary achievements.

Let’s get to know them!

Arianda Akbar Setiawan (AVP Bilateral and Syndicated Loan)
Customer Obsession

“He is reliable in providing accurate information as requested by banks during the syndicated loan's due diligence process and finalizing the loan documentation agreement with the bank.

His efforts have given us a fruitful result. We have sufficient line facilities and liquidity at all times and a low cost of funds that will directly benefit to our consumer who can access to a lower cost of funds, and ultimately affordable financing.”

Dahrul Mardhona (Contact Center Engineer)
Digital Savviness

“Dahrul provided to us that technology is not limited only for IT. We expected that Dahrul will get more experience during his time in OMNI Team. However, the results are beyond our expectations. Dahrul self-learning and well adaptation brought him confidence to build all the Voice Bot in Operations team. This is magnificent since setup voice bot is not as easy as we thought.  Another amazing result is we rarely receive feedback or complaints from customers regarding our VB and we save a lot of budget with it.”

Yohana Ruth Lumbantoruan (HR Service Coordinator)

“The HR Service Catalog was just a concept for quite some time. Yohana, with other HR team members, then took it to new heights - with most recent recognition coming from the CEO who considers it the most outstanding item in the HR Digi so far. In my view, this was driven by her prominent Entrepreneurship drive, especially in focusing relentlessly on what is best for our employees and HR as an organization, as well as proactively proposing new initiatives when confronted with opportunities or issues.”

Iman Rizani (AVP Legal Operation & Litigation)

“He heavily supported the Company during the COVID-19 crisis particularly in the matter of MILO project and handling various customer complaints and summon letters. He carried out his tasks and responsibilities by upholding integrity.”

Rudi Sadria Kirbrandiman (Solution Architect ) Digital Savviness

“If we are talking about Digital Savviness, Rudi is definitely our go-to guy. As IT Architect, he understands every system that we have very well, and he can explain to the business team in simple language that we understand. He will listen and try to understand what the process is and assess what kind of technology we need to solve our issues. He has a lot of idea on automation and digitization and is always willing to explore the best technology solution to support business team.”

Isrotul Fajriyah (Business Process Transformation Asst. Manager) Operational Excellence

“She led the initiative to improve on partner subsidy reconciliation. Previously it only focused on getting back the backdated subsidy from the last 2 years that we have not invoiced to partners due to issues in reconning the data and not having proper tracking. But she led a team that consist of multi-function partnership, product, partner management, finance to get deeper analysis to find the root cause, and develop temporary solution in order to get quick fix how we could improve the recon process and track the progress and develop long term solutions that involves technology in Mitra app, BITE and SAP to reduce the manual reconciliation data and hopefully improve the partner satisfaction.”

Ismunandar (Trainer & Quality Asst. Manager) Operational Excellence

“He can create a simpler workflow process for trainers’ activities and able to cut some manual process from trainers’ activities to be more efficient in using our training tool (DIKA). From example, Digital Morning Call now becomes one with SA Academy (Self Training Morning Call).”

Don’t forget our following nominee, the Rising Star:

Sarewanan Krishna (Sales Sr. Analytic) Digital Savviness

“With his experience in supporting the Automation team, he mastered some applications which really helps in his daily work and even the squad. He mastered in using numerous programming tools such as Visual Basic in Excel, Power BI, Oracle SQL Developer & Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition which I considered as his asset for this leadership qualities.”

Congratulations to our DNA Stars! May your achievements keep inspiring us all to show great leadership qualities– IT)
Operational Excellence

“Rudi is always thinking about how to simplify our complex IT landscape. He has suggested and driven many improvements to consolidate systems, streamline processes, and improve the performance of our systems. Within a few months since he joined, he helped to revamp our CAPP Push Notification system to have a 400% increase in sending messages! He also actively challenges the status quo and always offers good solution to real problems that the business is facing.

With all those achievements Rudi stays a very humble and approachable person - so if you have any problems that need solutions, feel free to come and speak to Rudi and I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help you.”

Alina Shevchenko (Head of MPF UW)
People Centricity

“Alina spends an enormous amount of time teaching and coaching her team to grow and develop all of them. This includes communication of future career paths and "fighting" for people's benefits. She is fair in her feedback and does not take any sides or spoil her people with over-optimistic feedbacks.

She masters her expertise. Alina initiates the sharing session where each member will share the knowledges based on their daily tasks. Thus, by this program her team can understand more about the things inside the team even though they are not working on it directly and it brings so many advantages for them to develop and learn more.”

Sri Rahayu Handayani (IT Risk & Compliance Assistant Manager)
Risk in Mind

“She is a strong individual in managing IT Security & Risk Compliance.  Since she started her career at this company in 2017, from IT Security Specialist to now as IT Risk & Compliance Assistant Manager, she has always been able to remind her colleagues with a persuasive approach the importance of risk management. She and her team always remind about related IT risks that may occur and provide input on mitigation and treatment plans. She is fully involved in any initiatives related to data exchange with external parties, reviewing any vulnerabilities and risks from IT Security & Risk point of view with good results. She has also been actively enrolling herself into Junior Odyssey 2020 program to further develop her leadership skills.”

Randy Pragustio Priantoro (Head of Payments & Value-Added Service)
Thinking Big

“Randy made us understand about broad aspects of payment business landscape and how to connect to the company strategy.

In every discussion, Randy always speaks both from the helicopter and ground view on the ideas of PayLater improvement, Home Credit Pay and even other VAS products. This brought us to have a fruitful brainstorming on business assessment from every aspect.

He also has big ideas on how to boost our services to stay relevant with future trends and digitalization era.”

More important information is that at the end of the year, all Global DNA Stars winners will be recognized at the Group Leadership Conference among the Top 300 leaders of Home Credit

Congratulations to our Global DNA Stars!

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