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Get to know #YangKamuMau

With the same spirit: transforming the way the world shops, we position ourselves as a tech-based financing company that consistently provides innovative solutions, seamless experience, as well as products and services that our customers can rely on. We are here to make things that matter in people’s lives affordable.

Throughout 2018, we have inspired so many people in Indonesia through Indonesia Bi5a! Movement. We have also introduced 9 customers that have inspired our friends there to be more optimistic in achieving their dreams.

Let’s look at some of the milestones and flashbacks of our Indonesia Bi5a! movement here:

We are honored to have been trusted by so many people of Indonesia to help them reach their dreams. In the spirit of the coming new year, we wish to continue to become the friend that our customers can rely on – who understands what matters in their lives, and will support them in their pursuit of achieving their goals. That is the brand message that we will reinforce in the year of 2019: #YangKamuMau

“Whatever You Want In Life, We’ve Got Your Back”

Throughout the development of our business expansion in almost every region in Indonesia, we know that Home Credit no longer sounds foreign in people’s ears. Well, let’s help them get to know us better! From our financing services for smartphone, electronics, furniture, fashion, to plane tickets – we’ve got our customers covered. We also have awesome multipurpose financing products like FlexiFast and DONA that can help finance their dreams, making them a reality. This #YangKamuMau spirit is what we will carry for our multiple campaigns in 2019.

From “Anda Bisa!” to “Kamu Bisa!”
There’s another change that we’ve started to implement in a number of our communication channels. The word “Kamu” is a form of greeting to a close friend in Indonesian. This represents our hope to communicate better with our customers, seeing them as friends that we’re always ready to help. There’s nothing wrong with the word “Anda” (it also means ‘You’ in Indonesian, but in a more formal context). We’ll still be using it in some contexts according to the target audience of the message we intend to deliver. For us, this is an expression of how dynamic our work environment is. Kamu Bisa!

So, let’s support our new campaign and get ready for more surprises along the way…Whatever you want: Home Credit!