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Find out how our joint collaboration with Tokopedia brings us closer to achieving our vision!

On the latest press conference that we held on February, 26th, 2019 in Jakarta, we announced our strategic partnership with Tokopedia. With the same spirit: transforming the way the world shops, we continously provide seamless experience as well as products and services that our customers can access anywhere, anytime. This is another milestone for us to support the customers in their pursuit of achieving their goals and start what they want (#MulaiYangKamuMau).

With the solid figures of online transactions, our partnership with Tokopedia was established to expand our business portfolio into online financing. 

Tomas Prosek (Chief Digital Officer), Andy Nahil Gultom (Chief External Affairs) and Leontinus Alpha Edison, Vice Chairman & Co-Founder of Tokopedia attended and shared the good news at the event.

“Our strategic partnership with Tokopedia will make it easier for customers to buy the product of their dreams, anytime, anywhere, without having to come to retail shops, In addition, with the same vision in providing online payment options for the e-commerce industry, we believe this partnership with Tokopedia will enhance both parties' business growth.” said Tomas Prosek, Chief Digital Officer.

We hope that the partnership will emphasize the value that “there is no limit to where your dreams can take you”, just as our commitment to support the people of Indonesia to get the things that matter the most in their lives.

Leontinus Alpha Edison, Co Founder and Vice Chairman of Tokopedia said, “We believe that collaboration is the key to success. With more than 90 million monthly active users of Tokopedia, we are constantly innovate to make life easier. Through this partnership with Home Credit, we hope that people can have more opportunity to get their dream products”

Now it's even easier for our customers to access our services, they simply need to access Tokopedia’s mobile application, select the items they like to purchase, choose the payment method and click Home Credit to apply for financing. Customers will be required to complete their data with Identity Card and bank account information as the main requirement. In just about 30 minutes, customers will be able to see if the proposed application is approved or not. Now our customers can enjoy financing services of various commodities from IDR 1,500,000 up to IDR 10,000,000 with a tenor of 3-12 months when they shop at Tokopedia.

Great news, isn’t it? 

More than 25 media personnel were also present and published our event on major print and online publications such as, Bisnis Indonesia,, Kontan, and many more. 

So, are you ready to #MulaiYangKamuMau?