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Meet Dessy and find out how her passion of teaching led her to manage Telesales

Dessy Hutapea once worked as a recruiter in a headhunting Consultant Company. Starting out as a Trainer in Home Credit, her journey led her to become our current Telesales AVP.

For Dessy, being a Careerpreneurs means motivating yourself to be a better person and to give a positive influence to people around you. Did you know she loves to write, read a book, and cook in her spare time?

Let’s find out more about Dessy here!

How did you start your career?

Well, my current job is as Telesales AVP and my tasks there push me to improve on being analytical, number driven, and target oriented so we can increase sales number.

Before I reached this position, I was working as a recruiter for a headhunting Consultant Company until I was offered a position as a Trainer in Home Credit.

So, why did you want to join Home Credit?

After I was offered the position as a Trainer, I took the job because I was passionate in teaching and people development. Also because it was something new and I’m excited to try it.

Working here has led me to build a team, create new processes, hired many new members, and expanded the organizational structures. Moreover, I had never seen myself doing sales, especially telesales so this is something of a new challenge for me!

Can you help us share your career journey at Home Credit?

Starting out in 2014, I first worked in a Trainer position.

July, 2014 – Senior Trainer, Security

April, 2015 – Research Team Leader, Customer Experience

September, 2015 – Process Improvement, Customer Experience

February, 2017 – Training and Quality Team Manager, CRM

September, 2018 – Senior Telesales Manager, CRM

January, 2019- Telesales AVP, CRM

What is the most challenging moment in your career? How did you overcome that obstacle?

I remember one of my most unexpected tasks was when Animesh Narang, our Chief Commercial Officer had me calling customers to ask them about our services. I literally had zero experience on doing interview for customer research, so I Googled it and picked up the phone. The first time I did it, my friends from the Security Department were surrounding my cubicle, wondering how I turned into a friendly voice on the phone, which was totally not the person they know me to be.

As much I enjoy the dynamic nature of my job, truthfully it can be challenging. But along the way, I learned to realize the importance of managing my tasks, emotion, and expectation better to stabilize the challenges I face. Along with that, I found that the colleagues in my department and other Functions are generally very cooperative, helpful, and genuine, which really helps.

Which value that would present you, and how does this value help you stand out?

Focused on Results. Anytime I was assigned with tasks or roles, I have a principle that I should understand it properly and complete the assignment well.

I feel that it makes me stand out in my work because as a manager I would say my job is to guide my team and the people around me about the stuff that they don’t understand.

To develop people to be better; I would say that reflects my passion in teaching.

What is work life balance to you?

To handle the physical and mental stress from my job, I feel it’s important for me to take holidays once in a while. My dream holiday has always been staying in a village where I can just take a break and take things slowly. And if I can, I would go back to my favorite holiday spot in Spain.

What are your hobbies?

There’s a number of hobbies that I like to do. I like to read books on my spare time, particularly romance novels or funny autobiographies.

Cooking is also a hobby of mine, since I love food and I’m curious on how it’s made. And my favorite food is rice and anything spicy.

Oh, lastly, I love to write. Mostly to keep memories of something or someone alive.

What is your career philosophy?

My words of wisdom for my career is that “If you are willing to learn, then you can do anything.