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Find out how your business can survive from our Fun Talk session!

For those of you who are in the entrepreneurial world must be feeling that your business is down because of the pandemic. Could be decreasing orders, or production stock is halted. And especially if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you have to think harder to find a business that still sells to the public.

Do you want your business to still run well despite the pandemic? Read these tips from Ananda Omesh, actor, entrepreneur, and everyone’s favorite presenter. In our #AyoMajuBersama Fun Talk on Wednesday, September 9th, Omesh opened up his secrets on how to keep your business going even during crisis. What are they? Let’s take a look!

Don’t just rely on passion in your business

When you’re starting a business, it’s usual to have intentions first. Yes, without passion, we won’t have the spirit to run a business. But don’t get stuck there. Omesh has long been in the business world with his brand Tigrehood which he started from his motorbike passion. But, he also realized that passion has to be accompanied with a strong knowledge. You must understand management, understand the market, understand product qualities, have accountability, and others. And never stop learning. You could take your time during the pandemic to follow business webinars, listen to podcasts, or ask a lot to more experienced people. The point is, strengthen your entrepreneurial knowledge.

Have a successful mindset

If you want your business to succeed, your mindset must be of a successful person. Not just in mind, but also in action. Even though your company is still small or still growing, you have to act as though you have large company. This could be done by making annual business plans, frequent quality control, or even making salary schemes that is more systematic. If the funds are enough, use an HRD or auditor service every month. With a proper and systematic business process, you will be more motivated to grow your business much quicker.

Maximize social media for business

We all know everything is now digital. And if you’re asked what is the easiest way to start-up your business? Social media of course, and you can easily learn it to sell things. Now, the easiest one is using Instagram. All you need is make an account and you can already sell your products to the public. But, how to make people see your business? The secret is to increase your influence on Instagram.

Imagine you’re attending a party with great clothes, but if you’re just quiet there in the corner, you won’t make anything. So is the same on Instagram. Try to comment more often in people’s pages, like their posts, and reply to their comments. Your influence is guaranteed to increase, and people will come by to know more about your business.

Business with instinct

In business, the most important thing an entrepreneur has to learn is instinct, be it from concept and execution. For example, fashion business will always sell, but during the pandemic there’s not much people who thinks of dressing up because they’re mostly at home. But, there are people who have instincts to start making fitting accessories during the pandemic such as face mask designs. The result? Lots of people want to buy because not only is it practical but also stylish. Cool, right?

That’s instinct. So when you start your business, you have to look at the market situation, make a good concept, and then execute. Once you see the business rolling, you must innovate again. Develop your instinct and keep learning what fresh new ideas can grow from your business.

After reading these secrets, are you more motivated to grow your business? Of course you should! Time to chase for success and never give up. #MoveForwardTogether to chase your dreams!


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