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We’re back with more DNA Stars! Let’s get to know them!

We are back again with DNA Stars and we are introducing our next set of honorary individuals.

Just as the previous DNA Stars, we chose these individuals because they best reflect our 8 Leadership Qualities in their day-to-day lives. They have shown us that they are living proof of people who can make us believe that leadership qualities matter and are applicable.

These individuals have done a hard work in giving their best performance and displaying us that leadership is an attitude that anyone can have. This time, for the month of February 2021, we want to appreciate individuals who represent the qualities of Customer Obsession and Integrity.

So, who are our next set of DNA Stars? Let’s get to know them below!

Luqman Farid (ALDI Business Owner)

Customer Obsession

During his time as PO for ALDI, he started the survey to call partners and he joins the call to get the real aspirations of partners. Since he was in ALDI, one of the customers was an ALDI partner that we needed to give excellent service to. He wanted to understand how our partner feels with the current process to receive any inputs or feedbacks for improvement. He works with the ALDI team to create an action plan.

Siezi Tania (Brand Development Lead)

Customer Obsession

“As a BD Lead, Tania is always learning to understand the perspective of not only partners but every function/audience she collaborates with as if they are her customer. She accepts feedback so that the output she provides are always valuable for internal & external members. She even treats her team and manager as her customers.”

Andri Yulianto (TM Bandung)

Customer Obsession

“Always giving real explanations and examples to the team during briefing. He talks about how the team should always try to provide a satisfying service to customers by listening to their needs and desires, because every customer is different.”

Ari Surya Putra (TM Melayu Deli)


“He always teaches about being honest to the team and always evaluates the team performance by reminding them the values of honesty for the benefit of the company and employees.”

Nicky Adityantini (Customer Loyalty Lead)


“Nicky is involved in many Scrum and interacts with many functions. As her new role of business expansion lead, she is expected to find opportunities on new initiatives that can support the company in achieving its goals – profitability. With her exploration and observation of new potential businesses, she always speaks up fully about potential businesses and obstacles. She is brave to be transparent with her opinions.”

Don’t forget our following nominees, the Rising Stars:

Iperzon Bachtiar (Communication and Design Jr. Specialist)

Reflected on the quality of Customer Obsession

Cosmasda Sitepu (Sales Disc & After Sales Asst. Manager)

Reflected on the quality of Customer Obsession

Isrotul Fajriyah (Business Process Automation Sr. Manager)

Reflected on the quality of Customer Obsession

Fauzia Alpasha (Sales Analytic)

Reflected on the quality of Customer Obsession

Congratulations to our DNA Stars! May your achievements keep inspiring us all to show great leadership qualities!