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Find out about the other side of Freya in this first episode of #KepoIn!

We recognize the Executive Committee (ExCo) and Management Committee (ManCo) members in the company, but how much do we truly know about them? We may work with them, but behind-the-scenes there’s plenty we can uncover about them that we haven’t explored before. This is where #KepoIn: Not Rumors, Just Facts comes in! Our very first live interview segment in MS Teams where we delve deeper into members of our ExCo and ManCo.

Starting out our very first episode on November 30th, 2020, we invited Freya Pradieta Laksmono (VP Brand Strategy & Communications) as our first guest. Accompanying the audience during their lunch break, along with host Soffi Tsaurah Islami (Head of Customer Experience), we got to see the other side of Freya. To start off the first episode, we asked Freya to answer some chosen questions that were submitted prior with a session called SACI Says. What did Freya answer? Let’s check it out!


1. “How can we confident without getting over-confident?”

People who are overconfident won’t listen to others and consider themselves the most right. Truly confident people would listen to other opinions, receive feedback, and be open-minded.

2. “When the pandemic happened, how did you and your team adjust to the customer and market strategy?”

It was totally an unexpected time when the pandemic and lockdowns started. We had to readjust almost everything from; changing campaign strategies, canceling offline events, to decreasing budgets for future mitigations. We even tweaked our message from #BraveStepForward to something else that would let the public know we’re there to help.

3. “As a leader, how do you handle things physically, emotionally, and mentally?”

The important thing is having a strong support system which can either come from yourself, family or friends. And remember to take a break once in a while. Don’t overwork yourself. Balance your work and your life, and know how to prioritize. Emails and requests may come to you during weekends or even at odd hours so you have to be able to identify which ones are critical and urgent that requires your immediate attention, and which ones can wait for later. Otherwise, take your time to relax.

(Note: Not all questions were serious. We also had some light questions to ask Freya.)

4. “We know That you like Snoopy. Name at least 5 characters from Snoopy.”

Hahaha. Of course, Snoopy is one of them. Then there are Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus.

5. “Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Zumba instructor? Owning a company?”

Hmm, probably not Zumba instructor. That’s just more of a hobby, hahaha. I would like to have my own business someday, though.

6. “From these challenges:

  • Eating spicy seblak
  • Staying in a haunted house
  • Becoming a vegan
  • Becoming a photo model

Which one would Freya accept?”

Definitely becoming a photo model! Hahaha, I can get paid for that.

After SACI Says, we also had a fun session called Account Autopsy where we dive deep into Freya’s Instagram account. We pulled out some random photos from Freya’s Instagram and asked her to describe them.

Photo 1:

“I was drinking this wedang ronde at a café in Thamrin.”

Photo 2:

“Yeah, I remember. We were wearing all red for our company’s anniversary event.”

Photo 3:

“Hahaha. I was having fun vacationing with friends in Sumba.”

Photo 4:

“Here’s me with Simran Soni during a company trip to Turkey.”

Finally, as a last session for our first episode of #KepoIn, we asked Freya to answer a question that were submitted through the MS Teams livechat.

1.Based on your experience, any tips on giving proper communication and message?

Practice makes perfect. Never stop learning and trying. During my early marketing experience in another company, I was suddenly asked to be and MC in a public speaking area. At the time, in my head was “Just do it, and don’t be nervous.” Don’t be afraid to try new things and find best practices from anywhere to hone your skills.

There you have it. A little glimpse on who Freya is about. Curious to know more about our other ExCo/ManCo members? Stay tuned for our next episode on #KepoIn: Not Rumors, Just Facts!