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Read our company’s discussion about diversity, equality, and inclusion!

In this month of October, we celebrate the diversity, equality, and inclusion, as well as the importance of incorporating it in our company. To talk more about it, the Home Credit Group held the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Panel Discussion on October 8th, 2021. How did that discussion go? Let’s read more about it below!

Present in the discussion as speakers were our senior employees from various Home Credit branches: Renata Mrazova (Group Chief People Officer), Jan Ruzicka (Group Chief External Affairs Officer), Sheila Paul (Chief Marketing Officer Home Credit Philippines), Zdenek Foukal (Chief Risk Officer Home Credit Kazakhstan), and Simran Soni (Chief Excellence Officer Home Credit Indonesia).

Each speakers had good things to say about the themes of the discussion. Here are the highlights from some of them.

“Diversity is something more about what you think for yourself. Especially being me in a male-dominated company and climbing myself up in my career. But as I move up the ladder, I became more mature and learned that diversity is not just about gender, but also culture, age, the ability to work. All of these are important. Of course, this is not something you realize in your early career.” said Sheila Paul.

"I hired the younger generation because they learn fast, want to know more, and do more new things. No one wants to only do boring, repetitive things such as monitoring or reporting." said Zdenek Foukal.

"In Home Credit, we have more than 70 nationalities which is amazing. We have employees from all possible religions you can think about and we are doing things right. 70% of our employees see that they receive learning and development, growth, good relationships in the workplace, and inclusivity." said Jan Ruzicka.

“In Indonesia's work culture, we have a strong woman workforce because they manage their family and work at the same time. Women are excellent multi-taskers and resilient people. When it comes to my personal preference in Indonesia, while leading a large sales force of 3500 employees, a blend of women and men is crucial. Experience and skill to manage teams, partners, and stakeholders is what matters at the end of the day.” said Simran Soni.

Some people say they hire not based on diversity quota, but only based on the best skills. But are we being objective in the recruitment process? Normally what happens is that when we speak with people with same views, the chemistry is good. If you have a different person sitting against you, sometimes we get impatient because of different opinions. And in the end, we don’t choose someone with the best skills due to of different dynamics.

We all are part of the environment and we all bring impact.” said Renata Mrazova.

In summary, based on the discussion, diversity is important for us to realize our biases, be accepting to different people in our company, and to appreciate the necessity of having a fair and equal workforce that encompasses all ages, religions, and gender.

So, we can see that the people in our company positively encourages diversity, equality, and inclusion. Let’s set this as a benchmark in our company’s progress to become a more open environment for everyone!