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Start protecting your data on the internet better! Watch our podcast to know more! 

Creating a healthy internet environment is one of the positive ways to surf the world wide web by inviting users to be wiser in using internet facilities.

Through the #DigiLIT podcast titled Protect Yourself by Protecting Your Data, we invited Onno W. Purbo, a well-known Information Technology expert in Indonesia. In the podcast, we discussed with Onno about how we can use the internet and still protect ourselves and others from possible dangers or risks in the online world.

Such examples of dangers that can be experienced by internet users includes: theft or personal data or information, privacy violations, copyright infringement, and many more.

Some tips from Onno to be safe when surfing the internet.

  1. Don’t click on malicious sites or links
  2. Be wary of hackers
  3. Don’t share your Identity Card photos, name of spouse, and name of child on the internet

Do you want to know more about what you can do to protect your data online? Look no further! Watch our #DigiLIT podcast video below!