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How does exploring new careers in our company feel like? Check out our story!

In our company, we value the opportunity for our employees to change roles internally and explore new experience. This is why we have held occasional Internal Job Postings for our employees to seek other job opportunities within the company. Some of our employees have done that, and we call them our Career Explorers!

These Career Explorers have changed their roles internally within the company. In doing so, they benefitted from receiving new experience and skillsets for their self-development. We can take their decision as an inspiration for us to be brave and seek newer challenges for us to grow.

Let’s hear the stories of Yohana Ruth Lumbantoruan (Lead Learning Partner) and Alfonso Nico Nathanael H (UW Product Process Policy Jr. Specialist)!

Tell us your experience in the company!

Yohana: Working here has offered me opportunities to find my true strength and has challenged me to be better version of myself.

Alfonso: It’s really fun because I get the opportunity to develop my career in different roles.

What made you change to your current role?

Yohana: It's because connecting with people means a lot to me as a total extrovert. I gain satisfaction in seeing people grow and succeed in their role.

Alfonso: I chose this role because the work is very dynamic and requires communication skills as well as good diligence.

Did you find challenges when changing roles?

Yohana: Definitely. Although I am just moving around HR, but different departments have different rules of game and people. I rather find this as an exciting challenge.

Alfonso: Yes, because previously the basic knowledge that I have was customer care, and now I have to quickly adapt with risk and underwriting.

What new skills have you acquired?

Yohana: As I encounter this new role, I gained skills such as: communication skill, how to design a program, and critical thinking. I believe I will gain more soon in the future.

Alfonso: I now have basic SQL skills, communication skills, and holistic thinking that is continuously developing.

If there’s another opportunity to change your role again, would you take it?

Yohana: Why not? I guess everyone has their own calling. Mine is to gain as many as possible opportunity to build a compact HR skill set which will help me to have a bigger role in the future.

Alfonso: Because I’m still new in Risk, I want to keep developing my skills and career here.

Why would you encourage people to try changing role internally?

Yohana: Because it gives you an opportunity to work on different issues and with different people. It also helps build you to be a multi-competent talent and to learn super-fast in order to adapt better.

Alfonso: While the company is offering employees to develop new skills and career, this would be rewarding. You’ll miss a good opportunity if you don’t try this.

Looks like Yohana and Alfonso benefitted a lot from the career movement. Do you dare to try changing role in Home Credit? Maybe you can be our next Career Explorers!