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Curious about new innovations from our Russian peers? Read all about it here!

In the previous issue, we told you about Russia’s new Marketplace, which revolutionised the way tens of thousands of goods can be bought on installment loans from one single website and mobile app.

Now, Russia has made a similar breakthrough with a new card. Called the “Rassrochka” card - literally meaning “installments”- it is meant to really bring revolving loans to our customers and encourage them to use it for all their purchases. Designed in minimalist style and released under

the motto “The card that will change your perception of shopping”, Rassrochka brings combines several features to bring a unique proposition to the Russian market: customers can take advantage of unlimited interest-free shopping (not limited just to our partner networks), up to 12 months of no interest, a POS-like experience with equal installments and a waived fee for the first year. 

The card also has all the newest security features: an EMV chip, contactless payments and 3DSecure verification. We are also working on integrating POS and Cash to the card, which will enable us to

provide customers with seamless access to all our services within one tool and decrease cross-sell and repeated sales costs. And it can be issued at any POS.