Sometimes meetings can get boring. Our Ops team has a way to keep it fun!

Have you ever got a project info with a scary ghost? Or have you ever had a meeting with Princess Elsa and the Royal Feast? Some of you may have an experience in boring project meetings. Well, that’s not the case in our Operations team. The Operations Transformations team has successfully transformed a bi-weekly project update meeting to be more fun and is always anticipated. And this isn’t just related to the progress of the project, but also towards the Operations Transformations team itself.

Very creatively, they make different themes for their bi-weekly meeting. Teamwork is something that inspires them.

“A wise man once said: Great things in business are never done by one person. It’s done by a group of people!”, said Joshua Sinurat (Ops Process Development Lead) when he was asked how the Ops team got the inspiration.

“Team work inspires us to build a solidarity. Just imagine how long the time it takes when we are faced with a very complex task. It would be difficult to finish it by your own. So of course, we need help from other people. That way, we not only finish our work quicker, but finishing a task with a team brings more optimal results”, as followed up by Joshua.

As Joshua concluded “So, that’s what motivates us to innovate our Teams online meeting and make it more exciting by putting on an occasional theme and dress code. This adds to teamwork and makes the meetings something to look forward to.”

Let’s check out some awesome documentations from the bi-weekly project update meetings that has been going on until now.

Independence Day Theme

Elsa & the Royal Feast Theme

Halloween Theme

Airplane Flight Theme

Choose an out-of-the-box themeHere’s some tips and tricks to make your project meetings more fun!

  • Make a dresscode for the meeting and prepare your own costumes
  • Prepare some small games with rewards
  • Make some entertaining MS Teams background for your meeting

The Ops team meeting ideas sure are awesome! Maybe this can motivate you to start making a more interactive and fun meeting in the future!

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